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Can't foster or adopt? No worries, we still need you! Volunteers play such an important role with Petty Pawz Rescue! We are always looking for ways to attend adoption events and transport animals in need. Volunteers can help by attending these adoption events and placing animals into their forever homes. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone! Sign up today! 



Transporters are responsible for bringing an animal safely to us. You will also transport animals to and from vet appointments or adoption events if needed. This volunteer task is VERY important to us and the animals. We can never have too many transporters available!

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Adoption events are so very important to our animals. It's a way for us to spread the word about our mission, find furever families for our companions, and build a strong relationship with our community and pet lovers! Volunteers who would like to participate will speak on behalf of Petty Pawz Rescue and the animals! This is such a fun way to find the perfect match for our cats and dogs!

Adoption Events

Community Service 

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We offer community service hours for those with minor offenses. Individuals can participate in adoption events in order to gain the hours needed for completion. We believe everyone deserves a second chance, even humans!

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We have so many unique, fun ways to get involved with the animals! If you have a special skill such as photography, community outreach, or grooming...we would love for you to apply! Anything we can do to get you involved and on board with our mission to rescue shelter companions, we would love to have you!

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