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Petty Pawz Rescue is 100% foster base which means we need your help in order to rescue animals in need. Becoming a foster is easy when you apply right here on our website! Once you are approved, you will be contacted when an animal needs you! Fostering animals is so rewarding and one of the greatest gifts you can provide an animal in need. You are these animals' temporary family, and they need you to teach them how to love for their next furever home! 

Fosters are responsible for providing love, safety, and a warm place to stay until the animal is adopted. Fosters will always get first option to adopt the animal(s) they are fostering with us. We love Foster Fails! 

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Join the team! Once you become a foster, you're family for life! Whether you are a one-time foster or a lifetime partner, approved fosters will always hold a special place with us! What are you waiting for?! Hop on board!

Fosters Apply Here 

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Fosters must be 21 years old or older. You must be approved by Petty Pawz Rescue and sign a written agreement following our foster policies and expectations. You must fill out an application with us and we will get back with you within 1-3 days with an approval status. 

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