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Happy Tails 

This page is dedicated to all the successful rescue stories that Petty Pawz Rescue is proud to share with you! Although their stories started tragically, we fought really hard to change their future and place them in loving foster or adoptive homes. We hope to continue to share more Happy Tails as our mission to rescue shelter pets in need continues! Thank you for following our journey!

Sugar Story.jpg
Sugar Happy Tails.jpg

Sugar's Story 

Sugar is our first rescue from the state of Georgia. She has been renamed "Hippo" by the veterinarian staff that treated her. She was listed as urgent in a high-kill shelter, but unfortunately lost her only puppy moments after giving birth. Petty Pawz Rescue and a few of our partners came together to make sure Sugar got out of that environment and into a loving foster home. She was checked for more puppies (luckily, she only had the one) and examined by a vet. During this examination we also discovered Sugar was shot several times in the back legs with a BB gun. Bullet evidence was found. Sugar was also sick with kennel cough. It's safe to say this girl has been through so much in her 2 years of life, but we have made it our promise that she will experience nothing but love and safety. Sugar is currently comfortable in a foster home and already has a potential family! She has brought us so much joy and her smile let us know how thankful she is we gave her a second chance at a family. 

Pheobe's Story 

Pheobe originally came from a hoarding case a local shelter was assisting with. It was clear upon arrival that she had some concerns with her eyesight and never received. medical care. Sadly, Pheobe will never have normal vision, but she still gets around like any other happy feline. She has been evaluated by a veterinarian and received the best care possible! Pheobe now relaxes in her furever home with a family that loves her very much! 

Pheobe Happy Tails.jpg
Nigel Intak.jpg
Nigel Adoption.jpg

Nigel's Story 

Nigel was surrendered to an animal shelter after he was found laying next to his deceased owner. When Nigel arrived, he was confused, mourning, and shut down. Petty Paws Rescue took him into our care and placed him in foster care to allow him to grieve surrounded by love and a family. Nigel spent the next 2 weeks howling and searching for his beloved owner. Little did he know, his adopter was familiar with little senior dogs his size and wanted to meet Nigel. It was love at first site! Nigel met the family and it was like he was home again. He has chihuahua friends to cuddle with on the couch and, more importantly, a loving place to retire and call home. We get regular updates about 
Nigel and they say he acts like they were his home this whole time! 

Sweet Pea's Story 

From listed as "URGENT" in a North Carolina animal shelter to safely being rescued and put into foster care, Sweet Pea's story keeps getting better. She had only hours left before she would be put down in the shelter. Petty Pawz Rescue responded quickly, and with a dedicated team of compassionate people, she was rescued just in time! She made the long trip to our rescue and was placed in foster care. Almos two weeks later Sweet Pea gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. They continue to thrive and everyone has a chance at finding a loving family! Our Sweet girl did a wonderful job and is an excellent momma! We hope to place everyone in furever homes when the time comes.  

Sweet Pea Urgent.jpg
Swwet Pea and Puppy.jpg
Dino 1.jpg

Dino's Story 

Dino is a 10 year old Havanese mix who came all the way to our rescue from Puerto Rico. He was a stray wandering the streets for months until he was picked up. When Dino came to us, it was very obvious he needed emergency vet care. He was seen by a specialist the very next day. He had two large masses on both of his back legs, one ruptured and starting to become infected. He had a double ear infection. His fur was matted, and he was in terrible pain. After the examination and x-rays it was determined that Dino was going to lose on of his back legs. This was heartbreaking news for us, but we knew it was the only was to save his life. The rescue is working tirelessly to give Dino a pain free life he deserves. He is currently in the care of a loving foster and we are committed to changing his life for the better. 

Dino 3.jpg

Rudolph's Story

Rudolph is a handsome hound who found himself out of time and out of luck at an overcrowded animal shelter. The odds were stacked against him because not only was the shelter already full, he was full of heartworms! This makes him one of the first candidates for euthanasia if the shelter needs more space. Luckily, a kind foster stepped up and agreed to open their home to the critical hound in need and we immediately offered our assistance. Thanks to the community, we were able to raise enough money to get Rudolph the heartworm treatment he so desperately needed. It will be a long journey , but his foster parents are dedicated and we are so thrilled he is safe! Foster homes saves lives! Please consider signing up to be a foster to help companions like Rudolph!

Rudolph 1.jpg
Rudolph 2.jpeg
Waffles new.jpg

Waffles Story 

Waffles came from an overcrowded animal shelter who do not allow pitbulls to be adopted to the general public. Sadly, this means many pitbull breeds will not safely make it out the shelter because rescues are full and cannot assist. Waffles had 24 hours left before she was put down for space. Her saving grace was a wonderful foster who stepped up and welcomed Waffles into her home. Her foster plans to make things official once Waffles receives all of her vetting. Her foster saved her life! This sweet pitty girl was only 8 months old and didn't deserve the life she had before she was surrendered to the shelter. Fostering animals saves lives like Waffle's. There are so many dogs and cats that need your temporary love and care until they find their owner family. This is important for rescues to continue to help these overcrowded animal shelters! Waffles has since been renamed "Zyla".

Miss Muffet's Story 

We were contacted about a medical case that needed immediate vet attention. Unfortunately, many shelters do not have the funding or resources to be able to help animals like Miss Muffet and they are often put to sleep as a result. They can be saved! Depending on the severity of the medical case, we believe every animal is worth a shot at life. Muffet wasn't any different! We aren't sure what caused the injury to the side of her face, but it was severely infected and needed to be removed immediately. Despite our efforts to medicate and treat the eye, infection was spreading to her jawline. The vet also informed us she is completely blind in the infected eye. It was a tough decision, but her eye was removed. She is now thriving, happy, and loving her life as a permanant alumni to the Petty Pawz Rescue Team! 

Muffet before.jpg
Muffet .JPEG
Roxy new new new.JPEG

Roxy's Story 

Roxy's story left us all questioning what her life was like before her saviors found her. A couple was visiting a cemetery, when out of nowhere a very mangy, desperate, and emaciated pitbull came out and greeted them with a wagging tail. There was no owner in sight, despite them looking everywhere. The finders decided to take her home and care for her while they looked for her family. Because we don't know the story of why she was running alone, we don't want to assume the worst. Her finders contacted animal control who informed them she would be put down immediately after her stray hold. They couldn't stand the thought of such a sweet girl being put to sleep because of her condition and breed, so they held on to her a little longer. While in their care, Roxy has made an incredible recovery. She gained weight, her fur came back in, she was fully vetted, and now the search for her furever home continues. Roxy remains in foster care still searching for a family to adopt her.

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