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How it started....

I have been working in the animal care field for over 11 years! I am currently the manager at a local animal shelter and have always wanted to expand my knowledge and experience and build my own rescue organization. Animals have always held a particularly special place in my life and heart. I want to help those who need it the most! I hope Petty Pawz Rescue can help thousands of animals currently sitting in the animal shelters waiting for a forever family. 

" I have watched countless animals given up on, abandoned, neglected, and forgotten about in my time at the shelter. Dogs and cats with a history, or a past, are sometimes unfavorable to the community but their future matters too. For every shelter companion and family, there is someone waiting to love you." 

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It is Petty Pawz Rescue's mission to assist and rescue as many shelter companions as we can comfortably help while still complying with Virginia laws and regulations. We are always looking for ways we can improve or operation for the benefit of the animals and the community. We highly encourage you to join our team as we are always looking to expand our resources and connections! We work with shelter all over the United States! There is no limit to the amount of animals in need of rescue!

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Our Goals

Rescue the animals in need

Raise money to help those in need of care

Love them until they find loving homes

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Petty Pawz Rescue and Petty Pawz Apparel merged together to create a positive, and fashionable, way to still help even when you can't adopt! Petty Pawz Apparel sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and so much more so our supporters can spread the word about the rescue's mission. A portion of all the proceeds go towards helping animals in need of medical care and supplies. By purchasing from Petty Pawz Apparel, you are helping us help the homeless pets everywhere! You can wear your apparel proudly and know you are part of the cause! 

Petty Pawz Rescue takes in shelter pets in need of rescue. Whether it be a "high-kill" shelter or a shelter that simply needs the extra space and have little resources to rely on. We assist all over the country! We are currently not accepting owner surrenders as our rescue is designed to help those who already lost their home and family. We are more than happy to help you network your pet if you are unable to care for them to avoid them being turned into a shelter. 

Petty Pawz Rescue stands by all their animals and every adopter, foster, and volunteer becomes an important part of the team for life! 

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