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So you want to adopt ?

That's awesome! There are so many homeless pets sitting in the animal shelter, waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, a large percentage will never make it out the shelter for one reason or another. Now that you decided to adopt, you will be saving the life of a shelter companion and your world is about to change for the better! Here's a few things you should prepare for when considering adopting from an animal shelter or rescue....

Remember the 3, 3, 3 rule!

3 3 3 Rule.jpg

Nothing happens overnight! We recommend this rule to all adopters and new pet owners. Animals need time and space to adjust to this big change of going from shelter to home very suddenly or even the sudden change from one foster home to another home. Petty Pawz Rescue asks that you give our companion a reasonable time to adjust to your lifestyle and home environment. We encourage you to reach out if you have questions or concerns about your new addition. We are here for you and your pet every step of the way!

Dog to Dog Meet and Greets 

meet and greet.jpg

 We love that you want to get your fur friend another fur friend, but there are important steps to take! Petty Pawz Rescue requires every potential adopter to bring their companion for a meet and greet or make arrangements for a meet and greet at the availability of a Petty Pawz Rescue representative. There are no exceptions to this requirement. We must make sure everyone gets along safely with one another and that the animal is a good fit for your home. If you have multiple dogs, we ask that you bring them all! Just because one dog does well, doesn't mean they all will. We care about the welfare of our pets and your pets.

Guide to introducing your dogs

Introducing your dogs to cats

Bring the Family!


The bigger the family, the better! We do our best to evaluate each companion to see which family would be the best fit. We require that every member of the family be present for the adoption meet and greet. Arrangements can be made to accommodate a busy work schedule. We just want to place our animals in the right home! 

How to introduce your family to a new pet

How to introduce children to a new pet

Introducing new pets to your home

We want the absolute best for our animals! They have already been through so much before coming to us, and we want to give them a life of love and security. We base our adoptions to fit the animal's needs and not the family. We work hard for our furiends and want nothing but pawsitive outcomes!

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Adopter Resources

Petty Pawz Rescue reserves the right to deny an adoption for any reason we feel is for the benefit of the animal. If the adopter has concerns about our policies, we are happy to educate them on our operation, but we will not change the policies for any reason. We are here for our animals and want the very best for each of them.

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